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Kermit Launches the Healing the Hospital Podcast to Treat America’s Ailing Hospitals

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Tim Anderson
Kermit Launches the Healing the Hospital Podcast to Treat America’s Ailing Hospitals

HUNT VALLEY, October 4, 2022 – Today implant spend management and software company Kermit launched the Healing the Hospital Podcast on all major platforms, including as a video podcast on YouTube.  

The Healing the Hospital Podcast, Kermit’s first podcast, aims to share stories of “Hospital Healers” across the nation working diligently to fix the major problems plaguing American hospitals. Hospital Healers are bold and brave people with innovative strategies or solutions working for or with hospitals and health systems to treat business and operational ailments impacting most hospitals.  

These ailments include shrinking margins, supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages, bloated budgets, and more. 

“Our nation’s hospitals are in trouble,” said Kermit CEO and Healing the Hospital Podcast host Rich Palarea. “After a pandemic that saw our hospitals and healthcare system serve admirably to keep us all safe and healthy, it is time that we return the favor and help them heal.” 

“My hope for the Healing the Hospital Podcast is to share the stories of the Hospital Healers working diligently to solve these complex and serious problems impacting healthcare, connect them with the hospitals that can benefit from their solutions, and give hope to a situation that seems dire,” said Palarea.  

The Healing the Hospital Podcast will release a new episode at the beginning of every month.  

The first episode of the podcast features an interview with clinician, entrepreneur, and podcaster Justin Poulin. As a Hospital Healer, Poulin is fostering a collaborative community of healthcare professionals through his media company which includes popular podcasts Power Supply, First Case, Transmission Control, and Beyond Clean.  

“Healing the Hospital Episode 01: Healing from the Inside to the Outside” can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and YouTube. 

Also published is a Healing the Hospital mini-episode, “Healing the Hospital Episode 00: What is the Healing the Hospital Podcast,” a 3-minute episode that explains the vision for the podcast.  

To learn more about Healing the Hospital Podcast, including nominating a Hospital Healer to be featured on a future episode, visit www.kermitppi.com/healingthehospital 


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