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Healing the Hospital Podcast Episode 01: Healing from the Inside to the Outside - Interview with Justin Poulin

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Healing the Hospital Podcast Episode 01: Healing from the Inside to the Outside - Interview with Justin Poulin

In the inaugural episode of the Healing the Hospital Podcast, “Ep 01: Healing from the Inside to the Outside,” host Rich Palarea was joined by Hospital Healer Justin Poulin.

Justin is the founder and co-host of four leading hospital podcasts focusing on different key areas within the hospital ecosystem: Power Supply with a focus on supply chain, First Case with a focus on the operating room, Transmission Control with a focus on infection prevention, and Beyond Clean with a focus on sterile processing.

In this episode of Healing the Hospital, Justin talked with Rich about the biggest problems facing hospitals today and his view on how Hospital Healers can work together to bring positive change to healthcare.

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Healing from the Inside to the Outside

As Hospital Healers are attacking issues from all different angles with innovative solutions and approaches, Justin sees great value in addressing the issues internally as well. As Justin keenly describes, hospitals need to heal like a wound: from the inside to the outside.


Is “Just in Time” Supply Chain Dead?

When the pandemic hit, many said it marked the end of the “just in time” supply chain. Justin heard it too and thought the same, but after interviewing supply chain experts, he heard a different story.


Hospitals Should Enforce Mandatory APIs in Contract Language

One of the biggest needs for hospitals, according to Justin, is removing the manual, non-clinical tasks being done by trained clinicians. And with a myriad of “widgets” contracting with hospitals to solve individual problems, technology silos are being created, causing a different set of problems. Justin sees a way to solve this: mandatory API’s that make these widgets not only work together, but also interface with the EMR and ERP systems to maximize potential.


Problem Solvers Need the Satisfaction of Discomfort

As an entrepreneur and Hospital Healer, Justin admits he gets satisfaction from being uncomfortable. He believes this is a trait all Hospital Healers need in order to solve problems previously viewed as unsolvable.


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