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Healing the Hospital Podcast Episode 02: Healing through Preparedness - Interview with JoAnn Ioannou

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Healing the Hospital Podcast Episode 02: Healing through Preparedness - Interview with JoAnn Ioannou

For Episode 02, we are joined by Hospital Healer JoAnn Ioannou who serves as the Senior Advisor to the President of Johns Hopkins Health for Strategic Initiatives. JoAnn has an impressive career that includes serving as Chief Nursing Officer for Greater Baltimore Medical Center where she was named by Becker's Healthcare as one of their 50 CNOs to Know.

In her leadership roles, JoAnn has exemplified a Hospital Healer. Following a philosophy of servant leadership, JoAnn always puts her patients and staff first, even in the midst of a crisis.

In this interview, JoAnn talks about her career, her outlook on healthcare in America, and her experience navigating a severe ransomware attack mere months after the pandemic started. 

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Learning Servant Leadership Early On

From the start of her career, JoAnn learned the importance of servant leadership from one of her mentors. She believes that a lot of the qualities of a servant leader align directly with the definition of a Hospital Healer. 


2020: The Year of the Nurse

As JoAnn shared with us, the year 2020 was deemed the Year of the Nurse by the WHO. After a year that saw nurses across the world step up to help keep us safe and healthy, JoAnn believes that if one positive can come from the challenges of the pandemic, it's that helped to elevate the nursing profession.


Preparing for & Navigating a Hospital Cyber Attack as a Leader

As the pandemic raged on in late 2020, JoAnn faced another crisis in her hospital: a vicious ransomware attack that look all systems offline. Simple tasks such as a patient ordering food now needed a manual workaround. 

JoAnn learned a lot from that experience. Her biggest takeaway: it goes beyond the binder.

Learn how JoAnn lead through this adversity and the tips she gives to other leaders preparing their organization for this reality. 


For Healthcare Suppliers: The 3P's of Cyber Security

Kermit's Vice President of Technology, Mike Jackman, joined Rich after the interview with JoAnn to give his expert advice on how suppliers and other organizations can bolster their cyber security protocols to help protect against breaches and attacks.  


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